We Do More

At Piedmont ARP, we go beyond simple transactions. Our offers are designed to provide you with options, support, and peace of mind throughout the process.

Free Consultation

Free, in-depth discussion of your options with our senior team.

Free Resources

Complimentary access to strategies and insights for property protection.

Free Legal

One hour with a lawyer of your choice, on us, to review our proposal.

Free Notary

Convenient, free mobile notary service at your preferred location.

Cash Offer

Cash offer to purchase your property interest, whole or partial.

Partnership Offer

Option to partner with Piedmont ARP, potentially increasing your payout.

Why Choose Piedmont ARP?

We Self-Insure. You Win.

Our in-house title experts are part of every deal. No third-party underwriters. No delays. Just rapid, flexible solutions tailored to your situation.
Real People

Real Results

``They made the impossible possible. My property was saved, and I got cash in hand.``
Emily R.,
Austin, TX
``When no one else could help, Piedmont ARP stepped up. They're miracle workers.``
James H.,
Charlotte, NC
``Piedmont ARP saved my family's legacy. They turned a nightmare into a lifeline.``
Susana T.,
Dallas, TX
How We Work

From Stress to Success:
Your 8-Step Journey with Piedmont ARP


Book Your Free Call

Schedule a no-obligation 15-minute consultation to discuss your property situation.


Get Free Resources

Get valuable information to help you understand your options before the call.


Initial Consultation

We assess your situation and determine if we're the right fit for your needs.


Custom Solution

Our team crafts a tailored proposal based on your unique circumstances.


Proposal Review

We present our offer and explain all options in a comprehensive 45-minute call.


Sign and Relax

Once you're on board, we handle all the complex details and paperwork.


Co-owner Outreach

If needed, we contact and negotiate with other property stakeholders.


Close and Cash Out

We finalize the deal with a mobile notary for your convenience and quick payment.

Don't wait for the tax man. Take control now.

Who We Help

We specialize in solving the toughest tax and title problems.

Fractured Ownership

We navigate complex heirship issues and coordinate multiple owners to unlock your property's value.

Title Nightmares

We clear title clouds, resolve disputes, and self-insure transactions to make seemingly unsellable properties marketable.

Judgments & Liens

We provide solutions for properties burdened by debts exceeding their value, offering a path to financial relief.

Our Guarantees

01 No Hidden Costs Guarantee

We guarantee payment of 100% of the costs associated with every transaction, regardless of whether it is a cash buyout or a partnership.

02 Clean Hand-off Guarantee

At the close of the transaction, we step into your shoes as the property owner. That means you get to move on.

03 Mobile Notary Guarantee

The mobile notaries we rely on to close our transactions are registered and insured.

04 Quick Response Guarantee

Once we are under contract, we guarantee a response to any inquiry in 24 hours or less.

05 Confidentiality Guarantee

We promise to treat the key deal terms with sellers and partners as private, sensitive and confidential.

Don't Let Shame, Stress, or Fear Cost You Everything

We get it. Tax troubles are a nightmare. But there is a way out.

Meet the Founder

Jeremy Nash isn't just another suit. With nearly 20 years as an attorney and hundreds of real estate deals under his belt, he's the guy you want in your corner. From billion-dollar class actions to rural land deals, Jeremy's seen it all. Now, he's here to save your property.